You’re going to die anyway.


Death is scary; you’re going to die anyway. Life is hard; it’s going to be hard anyway. Time will pass; it will pass regardless of what you do while it does.

EMBRACE FEAR. ⚡️ There is no getting around it: fear, time, and death are the constants in your life — you choose to deny or accept. ⁣

☠️ Accepting my mortality, embracing fear, and recognizing time as my most precious resource is what has radically shifted my life toward zeal, clarity, and satisfaction. You can do it, too. Start now — open your heart and your mind to your certain mortality. You don’t have time to waste.

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What happens after a spiritual awakening

I want to experience an awakening every single day. I want to appreciate the smell of flowers and coffee. I want to force myself to engage daily in the healthy habits that I know make my life brighter and more peaceful: meditating, writing, remembering I might die tomorrow, feeling gratitude. 

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I've been really down. Talking to Morgan helped.

Y’all, I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Morgan Dix of the OneMind Meditation Podcast. The timing couldn’t have been better. First, I am a big fan of the Podcast. Second, I’ve been really down lately, and this conversation helped lift me up.

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My interview with Peace Revolution

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to be interviewed by Dennis Odeny of Peace Revolution today! Peace Revolution is an online platform that aims to help individual cultivate individual inner peace before sharing the peace to people around the world.

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I did nothing all over the world.

I have been traveling around the world for two years doing mostly nothing. The places where I did the most nothing are probably Indonesia, my six weeks in Japan and my collective three months in French Polynesia, but I have done nothing all over the world

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