I've been really down. Talking to Morgan helped.

Y’all, I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Morgan Dix of the OneMind Meditation Podcast. The timing couldn’t have been better. First, I am a big fan of the Podcast. Second, I’ve been really down lately, and this conversation helped lift me up.

Ever since I got back from my five week Burning Man trip, I haven’t really felt like myself. I haven’t had my normal spark and zeal for life in me. I’ve been complaining, feeling alone, feeling apathetic, and I don’t yet know exactly why. I bought some mood-enhancing pills at Sprouts. I’ve been doing yoga and watching inspirational documentaries — sometimes these things work. I have days and moments where I feel like my regular self. But I still haven’t shaken these blues.

Last week I sat down to talk about You Might Die Tomorrow with Morgan, and ever since, I’ve had hope. Morgan has a fantastic Podcast about meditation and spirituality. But it’s more than just his Podcast that affected me. He’s actively putting this beautiful gift out into the world! He’s so calming, and so real. He vulnerably shared his experiences with mortality awareness. And he got me talking about You Might Die Tomorrow, this project that gives me life.

I’m still not quite myself. But I see a spark, my friends! And if that’s what I’ve got, I’ll surf that shit as far as it will take me!

In the Podcast, we talk about the two second Deathbed Meditation you can do to help make everyday decisions in life, about my hair disaster and the perspective it gave me, and Morgan shares insight and powerful quotes from the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying.

Give it a listen. Maybe it will brighten your day, too.

The One Mind Podcast with Morgan Dix — Episode 90 with Kate Manser, Creator of You Might Die Tomorrow