About the Book - Installment 1

Listen, I’m not good at sugarcoating stuff. I hate gray areas; I prefer the comfort that comes from knowing where you stand. So, You Might Die Tomorrow isn’t going to be a soft, gentle inspirational read. This is a book for people that want to wake the fuck up. Who are tired of living in the gray area between alive and bored as hell. People who want to remember their lives as epic and be remembered as incredible. People who aren’t afraid to face the reality of death and the prospect of not living, and leverage that fear and discomfort into a desperation to live a truly alive life. For the people who want to die without regret. For you. 

So there will be swearing, and uncomfortably blunt statements. But I will also teach you to be soft and forgiving with yourself, and how to stop living in the past and yearning for an imaginary future and start living for today. And mostly to find the insane zest for life that I know you have inside of you. 

I believe in you, and I believe in life. Let’s change the world together.