Soul Vacation: Itinerary for my Round the World Trip

I realized one thing I'd regret on my deathbed if I hadn't done it is travel around the world. So, I'm doing it. Because I could die tomorrow, right?

Everyone always looks at me aghast, "So you're doing it alone?" Well, yes. I figured if I waited around for someone to do it with me, I'd never do it. But it turns out lots of people - including you, probably - are looking for an excuse to use up those vacation days somewhere incredible, and to travel with someone awesome (that's me) for awhile. So the door is open. Where will you meet me?


Itinerary (All subject to change & suggestion!)

February - March 2016: Australia | work @ Google Sydney
April 3-11, 2016: New Caledonia & Vanuatu | cruise
April 12-18: Australia | Cairns/Great Barrier Reef
April 18 - May 27: Indonesia | Yoga retreat, Java travel with friend Daniel
May 28 - June 23, 2016: New Zealand | south island road trip with my sister, Kelly
June 23 - July 23: French Polynesia | Live aboard Kaimana
July 24 - September 26: USA | My sister's wedding & Burning Man
September 27 - November 6, 2016: Japan | Food tour, Zen Buddhism Meditation Retreat
November 7-30, 2016: Nepal | Trekking, Volunteer with Chhahari Nepal & homestay
November 30-December 29: India | 200-hour yoga teacher training at World Peace Yoga School
January-February 2017: Southeast Asia | Housesitting in Thailand, Trips to Malaysia and Myanmar
March 2017: Hawaii | my best friend's wedding

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