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High quality vinyl bumper sticker: 10" wide x 3" tall.

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You Might Die Tomorrow is a book to inspire you to live urgently, love wildly, and enjoy your life.  It's also a book to help you wake the hell up and remember that you might die tomorrow! Please consider supporting my project with a donation. 

Your donation supports the You Might Die Tomorrow project and go towards the cost of a book editor, one of the final steps to get the book out into the world. 

Slap that sticker on your bathroom mirror, or your bumper, your locker, your office wall, wherever you could use some motivation to stop wasting time and start operating with a fire under your butt to live

Currently stickers are rocking on a car in Slovenia, at the helm on a sailboat in French Polynesia, on laptops in Australia, New Zealand and the US, at Annapurna Base Camp in Nepal, and on bathroom mirrors, in art studios, on cars, and other in-your-face spots all over the world.  

With love and fun,
Kate the Great
Author & Founder -- You Might Die Tomorrow