I created the Deathbed Meditation because I saw what a profound perspective thinking about my life from the wisdom of being ‘on’ my deathbed brought to my life.

It’s a guided meditation that could change your life forever. You don’t even have to know how to meditate.

Everything falls away in the face of death: fear, expectations, embarrassment, pride. Find the perspective to live like you might die tomorrow every single day. 

How can I experience it? Lots of ways!

Workshop at Facebook Austin HQ

Workshop at Facebook Austin HQ

Workshops and keynote speaking
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  • How to make death awareness light your world

  • How to live a meaningful life of urgency, gratitude, love, and joy

  • The Deathbed Meditation

  • How I radically changed my life to align with my soul

  • Being a female entrepreneur with a radical vision

Meditations, workshops, and retreats
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  • Private events (host a Deathbed Meditation at your house or event!)

  • Corporate workshops (happy clients include Facebook, Inc.)

Catch the 2019 You Might Die Tomorrow tour!

April 26-28 Austin, TX - Retreat
May 4 Dallas, TX - Workshop & Deathbed Meditation
May 11 Taos, NM - Workshop & Deathbed Meditation
May 24 Marfa, TX - Workshop & Deathbed Meditation
July 20 Austin, TX - Workshop & Deathbed Meditation
Aug 3 Reno, NV - Workshop & Deathbed Meditation
Aug 27 Black Rock City, NV - Deathbed Meditation
Sept 21 Nashville, TN - Workshop & Deathbed Meditation
Oct 14 Los Angeles, CA - Workshop & Deathbed Meditation
}Oct 25-27 Austin, TX - Retreat

More tour info with ticket links coming in February. Until then, sign up here to get notified:

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