#AdventureAwaits: Embarrass me for charity!

Hi friends,

Kate here, author of You Might Die Tomorrow. 

I believe that everything in life is a damn lesson, we just need to open our eyes. I just had a cancer scare with my dog and it reminded me in a very real way that you, or I, or my dog could die tomorrow. So I'm going to do something I've always wanted to do: take my dog on an epic road trip adventure for charity. 



Introducing: I DARE YOU for Charity


Suggest truths or dares for me to complete on video as I travel around the US. Bid donations on your favorite and most epic dares. I complete the truths and dares, 100% of your donation bids go to a hand-picked nonprofit organization. 

I'm doing this to help people in need. I'm doing it to force myself and inspire others to leap outside of our comfort zones. I'm doing this because I might die tomorrow and I want to live today. Adventure awaits -- always say yes.

So, Dare me.

Suggest embarrassing or inspiring truths or dares that I will complete on video to raise money for charity. I'll pick the top ten and then people everywhere will bid donations for me to complete the truths & dares of their choice. 100% of the bid money goes to charities!

What's it gonna be? Karaoke "Ain't no mountain high enough" with a complete stranger? Visit a hospice and chat with terminally ill patients? Dance on top of a mountain in a banana costume? Moon a drone? YOU DECIDE. 

Don't live life in avoidance of pain, embarrassment, or vulnerability. Have fun every day. Do something awesome. Die one day having really lived. 


(If you don't want to use the Google Sheet in the link above, comment your truths & dares below!)